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What is Robotany?

In Robotany you play as a robot taking care of plants. Your main goal is to feed your three main resources to the mother flower for it to evolve through three stages. Plants give you resources needed to get more and better plants as well as upgrading the mother flower. Water plants to make sure they grow up. Build your beautiful garden into an oasis of life. Visually the game follows a colourful geometrical style from a 2D isometric viewpoint.


Left Mouse click

Click on plant to open action wheel

Hold click to place plant

Action wheel actions

Right - Water plant

Down - Pick up plant

Left - Move to plant location

Up - Harvest plant into biomass (leaf)

Install instructions

To play the game you need to unzip the file and then you can dubble click the Robotany.exe file to play the game.


Robotany.zip 17 MB


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Great game! Highly enjoyable and brings forth this calmness even in stressfull times:)

I enjoyed this game, some UI bugs but nothing big.

I really like the graphics, but you might want to add a plant that make biomass, felt bad when I had to destroy my entire garden for the biomass.

Would like to see more levels.

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, we had planned other ways of gaining and using all the resources. Maybe if we revisit this idea and take what we learned, we can fix some of these problems. We also had many other flowers made with special features that we did not have time to implement.

Definitely should be more levels, yes.

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no  compatible uploads were found for this file is the error i get

edit: it works on the game website but not on the itch.io page for it for some reason

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It might be because the game was uploaded a few seconds ago. Give it a few minutes and try again and if it still persists we will try to fix it.

lol its ok ive already played and recorded the game thanks tho

Cool! Show us when/if you upload a video :)